Plant Medicine Integration

These videos contain the essentials of the Breakthrough Matrix Coaching Philosophy. This free series is designed to support and guide your integration after working with plant medicines. After having a powerful healing experience, it is crucial to integrate the experience so that you can have a lasting improvement in your life. 

Through deeply pondering the concepts in these videos, and applying them into your life, you will be able to harness your transformation in a sustainable way. 

Plant medicines can be powerful tools for transformation. This information is the cognitive framework of transformation. Think of left brain/ right brain. Combining the two is crucial. You have to *understand* the change you're undergoing. 

3 Modules

Victim Mentality

There can be no lasting transformation in your life while you are living under the illusion of Victim Mentality.

The 7 Universal Laws

Part of living in Creator Mentality is understanding that there are rules to life. These rules are the 7 Universal Laws that manifest throughout nature, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

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