Powerful Personal Archetype Exercise

Do you feel stuck despite all your self-help endeavors? Like you've read every self-help book there is but you just can't find your true path?

If you are ready for a program that will illuminate the path you've been searching for, then this Personal Archetype Exercise is the breath of fresh air you have been waiting for.

Perfectly tailored for those who’ve dipped their toes into self-awareness but crave a profound shift, our method harmoniously blends timeless wisdom with modern-day application.

If you're yearning to shatter those stubborn barriers and soar to your next vibrational level, this is the transformative experience you've been awaiting.

Archetypes are possibly one of the most fascinating topics in the process of change or human transformation.

In these FOUR videos, you will learn what an archetype is through this groundbreaking exercise.

Doron-Yitzchak shows you how to extract not just your current personal archetype from your unconscious place of Being, but also your next personal archetype that you're going to step into in your next bandwidth.

The first video is the exercise. Although short, this exercise is an EXTREMELY potent tool of transformation because it enables you to change aspects of your routine behaviour, therefore changing your relationship of input/output or cause and effect, to the world.

In the second video (Understanding archetypes), Doron-Yitzchak explains with a little enactment exercise, what exactly what an archetype is and why/how it works in such a powerful way.

In the third video (The fulfillment framework - this video is also offered for free separately), Doron-Yitzchak explains the mechanics and technicalities of the ultimate human experience called fulfillment from the perspective of our holistic composite of soul, mind and body, and how your personal archetype "cracks" the paradox of this composition.

In the fourth video (How to fully step into a new way of being), Doron-Yitzchak explains the practical application of this exercise. Meaning, how and what you actually need to do with your personal archetype.

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