Ever Felt Stuck In Certain Areas Of Your Life?

Maybe it's your finances, perhaps relationships, or even health?

There's an underlying pattern, often hidden in the unconscious mind, keeping you in that loop. 

These aren't mere coincidences or bad luck, but unconscious blockages dictating your life's narrative.

Here's the secret:

Real change doesn't come from trying harder in the conscious mind. It's about unearthing and transforming those deeply rooted patterns and blockages.

And if you are ready for real change, then you are in the right place

Your life is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

Step in, embrace the transformation and let your true potential shine through.

Welcome to a realm of endless possibilities.

Welcome to Breakthrough Matrix Coaching. 

Available Products

Breakthrough Genesis:
Your Essential Starting Point To A Profound Growth Adventure

This FREE program is crafted thoughtfully to guide you as you lay the vital groundwork that drives you forward on your transformation journey. Dive in and set the stage for an incredible journey of personal transformation. 

Breakthrough Matrix
Coaching Philosophy: Unveiling the Blueprint of Transformation

Discover the very essence of human transformation with Doron-Yitzchak's riveting 3-part video series. Let the Breakthrough Matrix be your compass, leading you to profound change.

Breakthrough Momentum: Daily Program to Propel You To The Next Stage Of Your Breakthrough Journey

Meticulously crafted to reshape your perspectives, this unique program will revitalize every dimension of your life through daily empowering activities that are spread out over 6 weeks or 6 months. You can choose your package. 

$27 - VIDEO + AUDIO: How to Reprogram the Unconscious Mind

In this video and audio track, you will learn how to reprogram your unconscious mind utilizing written affirmations.

Powerful Personal Archetype Exercise

If you are feeling stuck in the self-help loop, this powerful exercise is your key to breaking barriers and ascending higher in your transformation journey.

VIDEOS SERIES: The Deeper Aspects of Victim Mentality Diagram

Dive in with Doron-Yitzchak as he goes into the most profound and mindblowing aspects and insights of victim mentality.

90 min 1 on 1 Consultation with Doron-Yitzchak

Embark on a transformative 90 minute 1-on-1 session where you will have Doron-Yitzchak's complete and undivided attention. Tailor the experience to your needs: be it coaching, mentoring, teaching, emotional healing, or trauma release.

Shadow Breakthrough Program

The Flagship program of Breakthrough Matrix Coaching. In 12-weeks, break through your unconscious blockages. Raise your vibrational frequency, into a higher bandwidth where your desires manifest effortlessly. Integrate your shadow-self and step into a realm of true authenticity.

3 Month Private Coaching Client Engagement

Embark on a transformative 3-month private coaching journey. Book a call to discover if we are a good fit. We then work together for 3 months incorporating Shadow Breakthrough. I will be available to you for support over zoom/chat/phone.

Plant Medicine Integration

This free series is designed to support and guide your integration after working with plant medicines. Often, after having a powerful healing experience, life can seem very different from many angles therefore it is crucial to integrate the experience so that your transformation can be manageable and sustainable. 

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