Breakthrough Matrix
Coaching Philosophy: Unveiling the Blueprint of Transformation

Drawing upon the powerful insights from his acclaimed Breakthrough Matrix Coaching diagrams this program promises to be a beacon for those seeking profound change.

With the added benefit of Time Stamps and Topics PDF, you can effortlessly navigate to pivotal points, ensuring you extract the maximum value from each session.

Moreover, the accompanying Breakthrough Matrix Coaching diagrams PDF serves as your tangible guide, a compass for every step of your transformative journey. Prepare to be enlightened, equipped, and elevated.

In this 3 part video series, Doron-Yitzchak teaches the principles of human transformation using his Breakthrough Matrix Coaching slides which you can download for free on the main page.

Doron-Yitzchak's Breakthrough Matrix Coaching philosophy is based on the 7 universal laws, Kabbalistic principles and Jungian psychology, integrating them all in a way that just makes sense.

The videos in this 3 part video series are the coaching and integration sessions of Shadow Breakthrough retreat that Doron-Yitzchak ran in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016.

Also includes Time Stamps and Topics PDF and Breakthrough Matrix Coaching diagrams PDF.


Video 1 - Total time: 47:41
01:10 The "point of release" is when change happens
05:32 The archetype (the BE)
09:03 The self value scale
11:32 The precision and accuracy of the universal laws
13:55 Victim Mentality - the greatest illusion known to mankind
17:01 What is an illusion?
21:25 What is a paradigm?
37:05 The Truth: creator mentality
41:17 How does all of this affect your health?

Video 2 -Total time: 52:26
02:49 The internal laws of the mind
03:13 Pleasure and pain
11:18 Focusing on the laws of Gender and Polarity
20:15 The human experience
24:18 Deductive reasoning - the conscious mind's only modality
28:43 The self-critical default setting
31:46 The shadow/negative belief
41:30 Core beliefs vs limiting beliefs
42:26 The principles of Shadow Breakthrough

Video 3 - Total time: 55:40
02:51 The 7 natural laws of the universe (aka the Hermetic laws)
03:22 The law of mentalism
06:17 The law of correspondence
07:52 The law of vibration
09:33 The law of polarity
20:59 How to tap into a vibration of abundance
26:15 The law of gender
28:30 The law of cause and effect
32:16 The law of rhythm
34:56 Fulfillment vs other feelings/emotions
41:20 The fulfillment framework
46:20 The power of the personal archetype

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