Breakthrough Genesis:
Your Essential Starting Point To A Profound Growth Adventure

Before you can soar, you need solid ground beneath you.

Breakthrough Genesis provides that foundation.

This free, specially curated program is your starting block, setting the stage for your profound transformation.

With targeted exercises and insightful guidance, it readies you to seamlessly transition to advanced levels of personal growth.

Dive in and lay the groundwork to catalyze your transformation journey.

7 Modules

Breakthrough Matrix Coaching Diagrams

These diagrams, featured in most of Doron-Yitzchaks videos, brilliantly encapsulate the foundational laws, principles, and concepts that drive transformative coaching.

Introduction to the 7 Universal Laws

Dive into Doron-Yitzchak's focused segment on the 7 universal laws derived from the broader Breakthrough Matrix Coaching philosophy video. Master the Hermetic principles, and elevate your understanding to new heights.

The Self Value Scale

Breakthrough Matrix Coaching is all about getting you to your next level up on the Self Value Scale.

Victim Mentality: The Greatest Illusion Known To Man

Highlighted as Doron-Yitzchak's most-viewed YouTube video, viewers often share how a single watch catalyzed immediate cognitive transformations. Dive in to experience the shift for yourself.

Consciousness In A Model

Delve into the pivotal concept of consciousness, contrasting awareness with unawareness. Gain clarity and elevate your understanding of the human experience so that you can experience personal growth, stronger relationships, and a richer, more fulfilling life

The Fulfilment Framework

Explore the intricate blend of soul, mind, and body, and grasp the profound truth of your design: to attain and cherish fulfillment. Elevate your understanding and step closer to a life brimming with purpose and joy.

Modules for this product 7
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