$1 a Day Coaching Group

The $1-a-Day Breakthrough Matrix Group Coaching Program is an ongoing coaching program hosted in a Telegram (a messenger app like Whatsapp) group chat with daily activities.

Each day a short video will be sent regarding that day's activity and there is a LIVE 1-hour Zoom coaching call once a week on Wednesdays. 

The daily activity videos are structured as such:

Sunday: Get ready for the week: make a goal list with priorities allocated 1/2/3 for the week specifying which goal is due on which day and plot them into your calendar. If you don't work off a calendar, you're probably not being as productive as you could be and I explain not only the importance of running your life off a calendar with tasks and events but also how to do it.  

Monday: Healing day. You will learn how to let go and release negative emotions towards others and yourself from your mind and body using EFT tapping. 

This is an introduction to Shadow work and is the main transformative mechanism of the entire program. You will learn how to let go of things that have burdening you for months or even years as well as how to deal with current emotional weights like fear, anxiety, anger and most importantly, negative beliefs that act as mental blocks.

Tuesday: Compassion, compliment sincerely, and benefit of the doubt day. You cannot get angry with anyone for anything no matter what. In this daily activity video I explain how to keep the heart open with compassion instead of closed with hurt and anger.

Wednesday: Gratitude day. I explain the huge importance of developing an attitude of gratitude and I teach exactly how to increase you ability to be grateful for the the things you've already been blessed with in your life. 

***LIVE 60 minute Zoom coaching call on this day with Q&A plus my proprietary Breakthrough Matrix Coaching diagrams***

(The Zoom call is at these times: US east coast 11am / Texas 1pm / West coast 2pm / Poland 8pm / South Africa 9pm)

Thursday: Royalty day. Be a King/Queen all day. Treat or pamper yourself. Wear your best clothes. Walk tall and smile confidently.

A King/Queen is the height of human self value and they are also archetypes. I explain what archetype are and how when a person "steps in" to an archetype, their entire physiology and psychology as well as behaviour is able to change very drastically in as quick as an instance. 

Friday: Charity day - Initiate an act of pure kindness either in cash and/or product and/or time to someone who most likely cannot pay you back. In this daily activity video, I explain about the paradox of duality brought about the Law of Polarity (the law that governs +positive and -negative) creates what is known as the gift of giving. It's an open loop of reciprocation that doesn't get filled by an exchange (payment) so the universe has to complete that loop. You also get to feel REALLY good about yourself :) 

Upon signing up, you get a free 30-minute session and then, 1 month later another 60-minute introduction to Shadow work session where we will uncover shadow beliefs that may be causing blockages in your life.

Here are some screenshots of some of the feedback from the participants in this group program:









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